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10:23 pm: I had an interesting experience the other day.

I was attending one of the more advanced EMR topic trainings, I figured I'd get at least something out of it (and I definitely did learn plenty), despite not even having much first responder training under my belt.

Something about the prospect of treating human patients makes me nervous and I just don't feel I know even the first thing about doing it.

I hadn't thought about how much of a life skill having some basic veterinary skills actually is. There were regulations I haven't learned yet, but I was probably the most knowledgeable in the room besides the seasoned paramedic-trainer who was teaching. Aside from not knowing human dosages for epinephrine 1:1,000 solution, I knew what it was, how it works, the delivery method/locations, what the indications (and some of the counterindications) generally are, and also how to administer injections. The way the other EMRs were handling the syringes & vials, it really didn't look like they'd administered injections to oranges before, much less a human or animal.

Not all of these sorts of classes are going to go like this, but it was nice not being so ignorant of pretty much everything that goes on. I'm a quick study, but there's so much to learn.

Still, aside from my para-veterinary experience, the EMR classroom study and whatever educational materials I might get my hands on, it still seems extremely strange and well out of my current comfort zone to imagine working on patients who don't have fur, even though it's basically the same stuff.


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Date:September 14th, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)

Obviously Out of the Loop

What motivated this? I'm totally ignorant, so give me some idea.
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